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Is there a flushing Issue with your toilet?

If you're having issues with your toilet not flushing properly or your cistern is leaking, AlphaWater Plumbing can help.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your toilet cistern isn't working correctly.

A toilet that doesn't flush is useless, which is why we have toilet cistern specialists available 24/7 to assist with cistern plumbing issues.

What Causes cistern ISSUES?

24/7 Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service

The cistern is an important, yet often forgotten, part of the toilet suite. 

It provides the right amount of water for flushing and ensures waste is removed properly. 

If something goes wrong and the cistern needs to be repaired or replaced, I’m sure you don’t want to flush out waste manually with multiple scoops of water

Often Cistern Issues will be caused by the following:

AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Float Valve - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​

Float Valve

AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Drain - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​


AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Flapper - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​


AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Water Valve - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​ (3)

Water Valve

AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Toilet bowl - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​

Toilet Bowl

AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Rubber Seals - Emergency Cistern Plumbing Service​

Rubber Seals / Flushpipe Seal

Having a flushing issue with toilet?

Say Hello To a Fully Functional

Imagine when you flush the toilet but no water come out of the tank.
If your cistern is acting up, you probably don't want to leave the problem unattended for long.

AlphaWater Plumbing specialize in emergency plumbing services, and that includes toilet cisterns!

We'll have your cistern back to normal in no time and can deal with all types of toilet cisterns.

Even in an emergency, we still provide a long-term solution so you won't have the same flushing issue in decade

If you have an unexpected toilet cistern failure, We'll take care of it

Solutions In Cistern Plumbing

AlphaWater - Waterproofing, Pipe Cleaning, Plumbing Services - Cistern plumbing - Flushing issue in toilet  - Toilet Leaking from bottom - Petaling Jaya

Leaking Cistern Repair

There are a few different types of toilet leaks, some are easy to fix

If your toilet is leaking from the flapper or valve, then replacing these parts should do the trick.

However, if the drainage system is leaking from under the toilet bowl/floor, then we'll need to do some serious repairs.

Alternatively, it could be the pipework and seals which are causing the problem - and these are crucial to a safe water flow each flush.

Concealed Cisterns

Concealed cisterns are installed behind the wall, freeing up more space in your bathroom and creating a more stylish toilet.

The best benefit of concealed cistern is that it is relatively low maintenance. so you don't need to worry about hacking the wall when you have a problem.

The flush button acts as a gateway to install and service parts of the concealed cistern.

Plus, we're always up to date with the latest trends in concealed cisterns.

Toilet Cistern Replacement

If the damage of your old toilet cistern is above repair or you simply want to replace a new one.

AlphaWater Plumbing can quickly and easily install a new cistern for you, whether you supply the cistern yourself or we source it from the leading brands in Malaysia

In either case, you can be assured that your new cistern will be professionally installed and up and running in no time.

Do it once, do it right

Leave the Cistern Issues to experts

Flushing the toilet is supposed to be effortlessly 

Our solutions are long term so you save money on unnecessary future repairs.

Need A Cistern Repair Today?

but, how much?

The average price of fixing a cistern issue is in between Rm50 - 380

It depends on what part of the cistern is spoiled

Try to grab a photo and send it to us
It'll be better if you could explain to us what's situation is

E.G., Is it the flushing issue or water leaking from toilet?

Wait! there's more...

100% Satisfaction

1-Year Workmanship Warranty

From the minute you believe in us, Our goal is to provide long-term solutions that will benefit our customers in the long run.

This is why we offer guarantees on all work carried out by our technicians - including the parts and services supplied.

You can rest assured that our work is completed to the highest standards and that your satisfaction is always our top priority.

How to make an inquiry?


WhatsApp us

Describe to us the cistern Issue with videos



We'll give you an advise with price range



We'll visit your home & further explain it


Fix it, if you're agree

Fix it > Clean it > Show you the miracle!


Your Cistern Questions

A toilet cistern is a tank that stores the water needed to flush the toilet. There are three main types of cisterns in Malaysia: bottom inlet, back entry, and concealed.

At AlphaWater Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and dedication to quality bathroom plumbing. This means that we can provide you with top-notch service when you need it most. 

Our specialist plumbers can come and assess your individual cistern needs and give you advice on how to proceed, whether it’s a full new installation or repairs to your existing system.

If you notice that your toilet cistern isn’t filling up, there could be a few different reasons why. 

Cisterns have a lot of moving parts, so if something is broken, it can interfere with the flow of water back into the cistern. 

A broken fill valve will prevent water from flowing back in when you flush, and a prolonged hissing sound means that the cistern isn’t filling efficiently. 

It could also be the float at the top of the cistern that’s too low and tells the cistern to stop filling too soon.

If water is continually trickling into the bowl, it could be that the cistern isn’t turning itself off when it’s full. 

This overflow then goes into the bowl. Another possibility is that the cistern itself is leaking, often through a damaged or aged seal.

Yes and no, Ideally, we recommend replacing the entire toilet suite but you can replace just the cistern if you need to. 

Cisterns are often paired with a specific toilet model so that it will hold the right amount of water and flush at the correct angle. 

If the cistern and toilet area don’t match, you could have problems with flushing that leaves solids in the bowl.

The flushing issue is often related to the float valve/ float ball. It may be due to the age of the float valve, or either you’ve been flushing too hard / using too much strength.

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Best plumbing service provider ever

He ensures communication is all well. Mum was impressed that Lucas himself hands on to the plumbing work and all were completed in a timely, efficient manner. Mum was extremely satisfied with the great enthusiasm of this young man and his workers. We will continue to support him in the future. Thanks Lucas!

Ms. Janice Yap

They are my lifesaver !!

The owner Lucas was my lifesaver! I couldn’t find anyone but Lucas. He was trying to understand our situation before starting his work

Ms. Rajeswary

They respond after working hours

Great service by Lucas and his partner Edward , Very professional company. Replied to my calls / texts even way after working hours. Very fast and efficient, willing to accommodate our time and schedule. Price was very reasonable. Highly recommended and thank you for the Service

Ms. Nadia Salman

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